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An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based cost-effective remote patient monitoring solution (RPM) to simplify patient monitoring. VIP Remote Health provides a more holistic view of a patient’s health over time, increase visibility into a patient’s adherence to treatment, and enables timely intervention before a costly care episode.


How RPM Works?

The physician sets up a threshold value i.e. upper and lower limits for wellness metrics as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Pulse Transmit Time Index (PTT), blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. The WB-100 Smart Health Band Monitor records wellness metrics throughout the day on the VIP Health Monitor APP. The VIP Health Monitor APP allows the physician to create a Safe Zone and update emergency contact details so, whenever a wearer goes out of the Safe Zone, an instant alert is triggered. Then, HIPAA-Compliant Doctor Dashboard informs the physician that the threshold value has been breached.

The VIP Health Monitor RPM system is completely secure and flexible. It also allows the physician to access a full record of patient alert history, extra care notes and clinical notes recorded by the Remote Patient Monitoring system. Data is secure and backed up on a regular basis.

Digital technologies are on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery. VIP RPM Remote Health Monitoring is on the forefront of the way health care is delivered. Through our Smart Health Band, VIP Health Monitor APP and our HIPPA-Compliant Doctor Dashboard, we are providing emerging technologies that enable continuous ambulatory monitoring of vital signs on a daily basis. Ultimately, providing a more progressive way to manage healthcare.

Our passive remote patient monitoring device detects falls more accurately and allows physicians to monitor and manage patients in nontraditional healthcare settings with the goal of improving healthcare decision-making.

Remote Patient Monitoring offers flexibility in sharing health data with remotely based physicians for consultation, saving time and expense while reducing readmission rates.

Patient Consult Reporting

VIP Remote Health Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring combines cutting-edge sensor technology, cellular technology and embedded communication devices to provide continuous care hassle-free. VIP remote patient monitoring software offers a comprehensive solution to monitor a patient’s vital signs and receive alerts automatically in the event they cross a predetermined threshold value.

RPM Smart Health Band consists of advanced optical sensors to monitor and transmit recorded health data to a centralized secure server.

Apple or Android smartphone with Bluetooth and internet connectivity to keep wellness metrics synchronized

Smart Health Band consists of advanced optical sensors to monitor and transmit recorded health data to a centralized secure server.

Key Component of VIP RPM

The RPM Smart Health Band consists of advanced optical sensors to monitor and transmit recorded health data to a centralized secure server. Apple or Android smartphones with Bluetooth and internet connectivity keep wellness metrics synchronized.

Technical Specification

Chipset PAH8011ES-IN

Potentially applicable for sport-level heart rate detection.

Optical Sensor

Advanced Pixart's PPG Sensor to collect bio-sensing data.

External LED Lights

Supports three external LED Lights.


Wrist Wearable low battery consumption



Better Access to Healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring ensures patient care extends the level of accessibility and helps to build a constant relationship between patients, caregivers, physicians and their families.

Reduce Readmission Rates

VIP Remote Patient Monitoring allows a provider to continue to track healthcare data for a patient once released to home or a care facility, reducing readmission rates.

Cost Effective Solutions

The HIPAA-Compliant Doctor Dashboard portal gives remote access to your patient’s information. The recorded wellness matrix can alert the physician to intervene immediately. This way, Remote Patient Monitoring provides prompt data and response that offers a cost savings benefit.

VIP Health Monitor APP

Personalized Experience

Know your everyday report of Heart Rate, HRV, Today’s Activity Minutes, Blood Oxygen levels.


Manage your WB-100 Smart Health Band.

RPM Smart Health Band
Vip Remote Health

Emergency Contact List

VIP Health Monitor APP allows you to update emergency contact details to seek help in an unfavorable situation easily.


VIP Health Monitor APP is compatible with all the Apple and Android smartphones.

RPM Smart Health Band
Data Trend Reporting

HIPAA-Compliant Doctor Dashboard

Assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) a powerful online HIPAA-Compliant Doctor Dashboard displays patient health information in a proprietary format to be reviewed by the physicians only.

Physicians can visualize and analyze your wellness metrics such as Heart Rate Variability, Pulse Transmit Time Index, Blood Oxygen Levels and Constant Pulse Measurement. Remote patient monitoring achieves this effective communication through a specific series of functions. Once the user activates the patient monitor, information is collected and stored on internal systems, and formatted for transmission to the patient’s healthcare physician. Physicians can access relevant patient data in real-time, providing oversight and effective care management for their patients.

For the physician, there is now the ability to remotely monitor their patients’ health status using the latest technology, including AI (Artificial Intelligence) helping to save lives and cut costs. For the patient, there is the peace of mind that; “Your loved ones can’t always be there for you, but VIP Remote can!” The knowledge and comfort that their health data is stored securely in the Cloud in our HIPAA-Compliant database ensures that their health care is being monitored in real-time.


The Doctor Dashboard offers superior analytics that indicate the band is in use, RPM compliant and non-compliant patient count and other patient details.

User List

Patient Data Tracking

Make your practice more efficient and streamline your workflow to deliver better care by knowing your patient’s census and important details.


Powerful Band Outcome reports give insight into patient data and assist in patient management.

Advance Analytics