VIP Health Remote Monitor For
VIP Care Everyday

The WB-100 Smart Band is a lightweight, water-resistant health band that offers an efficient great way to monitor and track your health metrics with little to no effort. This elegant VIP Smart Band gives you health data insight into your daily activities and health metrics (includes fall detection with google locator).

VIP Remote Health Bluetooth BP cuff, Glucometer (if Diabetic) included with the VIP Smart Band for real time reporting through the cloud and to the Doctor Dashboard.

VIP Health Monitor For VIP Care Everyday

Maximum care at affordable rates

The WB-100 is a smart, lightweight health band that offers a great way to monitor and track your health with little to no effort. This elegant WB-100 health band gives you a real insight of your daily activity and exercise. Connect the health band WB-100 to the smartphone APP and you can do even more. Live a healthy, balanced life with Personalized guidance and insights.


Constant Pulse Reading

WB-100 Smart Health Band consistently monitors your heart rate and helps to manage your health and wellness (including falls).

Step Counter

The WB-100 Smart Health Band connects with the VIP Remote Health phone/tablet to track and count your daily steps.

Blood Oxygen Level

Blood oxygen saturation is an extremely valuable vital parameter that can be tracked using WB-100 Health Band.

GPS Fall Notification

WB-100 Smart Health Band receives alert in the event of a fall or spike in heart rate etc. within 12-15 feet of the phone/tablet. If any kind of notifications triggers, an SMS with exact GPS location link will be sent to the VIP Care Team and to the patient’s emergency contact list who can tap on the link to show the location of the patient.