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VIP Health Monitor APP

VIP Health Monitor APP

VIP Health Monitor APP

The VIP Health Monitor APP gathers personalized real-time data that helps manage and prevent healthcare outcomes. You can check your blood pressure or heart rate any time anywhere! Pair the Smart Health Band with the VIP Health Monitoring APP to gather personal health data to send to your healthcare professional for review. The VIP Health Monitor APP is compatible with any Apple or Android smartphone.

The Smart Care Center staff communicates with the patients and their designated contacts. In the event of an alert, an automatic SMS message containing the exact GPS location is sent.

VIP Health is helping to solve communication, access, and clinical data collection while improving patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans, better outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction.

This allows for clinicians and patients to communicate quickly, share data, and manage healing and wellness in new and convenient ways. Patients are engaged in their own health. Since data can be collected quickly, this is a huge step toward better patient care and outcomes.

App Dashboard

When you log on to the VIP Health Monitor APP a dashboard will display your heart rate, average heart rate, today’s activity minutes, blood oxygen level, Pulse Transmit Time Index (PTT) and real systolic/ diastolic pressure.


The second person receive immediate alert via SMS on his phone, if the first person goes out of the safe zone.


Pair your Smart Health Band with the VIP Health Monitor APP. The WB-100 Smart Health Band will auto adjust the detecting axis depending on your left or right wearing hand.


The VIP Health Monitor APP allows you to manage and update personal information, time zone, wearing hand, emergency contacts and modify password.


The VIP Health Monitor APP is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones. It is downloadable through the APP stores.

Advance Analytics

The VIP Health Monitor APP allows you to view your weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly wellness matrix.

Graph View

To review data, the VIP Health Monitor APP displays all records of the remote patient in graphical view.

Doctor Dashboard

Doctor Dashboard

HIPAA-Compliant Doctor Dashboard

Assisted by artificial intelligence, a powerful online HIPAA-Compliant Doctor Dashboard displays patient health information in a proprietary format to be reviewed by your physician’s practice.

Physicians can visualize and analyze your wellness metrics such as Heart Rate Variability, Pulse Transmit Time Index, Blood Oxygen Levels and Constant Pulse Measurement. Remote patient monitoring achieves this effective communication through a specific series of functions. Once the user activates the patient monitor, information is collected and stored on internal systems, and formatted for transmission to the patient’s healthcare physician. Physicians can access relevant patient data in real-time, providing oversight and effective care management for their patients.

Physicians now have the ability to remotely monitor their patients’ health metrics using the latest technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), which improves health outcomes and reduces costs.

For the patient, there is the peace of mind that; “Your loved ones can’t always be there for you, but VIP Remote can!” The knowledge and comfort that their health data is stored securely in the Cloud in our HIPAA-Compliant database ensures that their health care is being monitored in real-time.


The Doctor Dashboard offers superior analytics that indicate the band is in use, RPM compliant and non-compliant patient count and other patient details.

Graphical Representation

For a better understanding of health metrics, our Doctor Dashboard displays data in a graphical format.

Band Identification

Another powerful feature of the Doctor Dashboard is band Identification which allows the physician to manage all active bands.

Patient Data Tracking

Make your practice more efficient and streamline your workflow to deliver better care by knowing your patient’s census and important details.


Powerful Band Outcome reports give insight into patient data and assist in patient management.

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