Improve Quality of Care with VIP Remote Health’s RPM Software

remote patient monitoring software

Improve Quality of Care with VIP Remote Health’s RPM Software

What is RPM Remote Patient Monitoring Software?


RPM stands for Remote Patient Monitoring Software or Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. It is a device that tracks patients with persistent conditions by using remote medical mechanisms such as Glucose Meters, Blood Pressure Cuffs, and Weight Scales to gather patient information and give that to a remote medical expert regularly.


An affluent Remote Patient Monitoring Software involves the following stages:-


  1. Patient Enrolling: Many private insurers provide coverage for Remote Patient Monitoring Solution for patients having acute conditions like diabetes, hypertension, Covid, Alcohol Abuse, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Related Dementia, Arthritis, Asthma, Atrial Fibrillation, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cancer (Breast, Lung, and Prostate), Chronic Kidney Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Depression, Drug Abuse/ Substance Abuse, Heart Failure, Hepatitis (Chronic Viral B & C), HIV/AIDS, High cholesterol, Ischemic Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders, and Stroke.

  2. Data gathering and inspection: As the patient uses the anatomically-connected medical gadget to take regular interpretations of their Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Glucose, that data must be inspected by a registered medical mainstay problem. Remote Patient Monitoring Solution makes it viable to apprehend problems before the patient lands up in the emergency chamber.

  3. Patient abidance: Patients tend to have a higher abidance rate using Remote Patient Monitoring Software against its rivals.


Why use Remote Patient Monitoring Solution?


  1. Studies reveal the use of remote patient monitoring software attains a 76%reduction in hospital readmissions. Patient contentment with the software is 95%, with patients frequently stating the Doctor supervises them more. Medicos also see a 31% upsurge in Doctor’s visits from the remote patient monitoring software group.

  2. Patients are appreciative to know someone is examining their health regularly.

  3. This feature generates extra revenue.

  4. Decreased hospitalizations and improved patient satisfaction result in better patient retention and reduced overall costs.


How does Remote Patient Monitoring Software work?


  1. Reaches out to patients to arrange a 16-minute demo to foresee their services.

  2. Register with no initial costs or risks.

  3. Recognize patients with acute situations or let the compliance team do the work.

  4. The Doctor sets up a maximum value, i.e., the highest and lowest values for wellness meters, such as Heart Rate Variability, Pulse Transmit Time Index, pulse rate, and blood oxygen levels. It tracks wellness readings throughout the entire day on the VIP Health Monitor application. This application helps the medico form a Safe Zone and upgrade crisis contact details so that anytime a patient goes out of the Safe Zone, and a quick alarm is triggered. Then, the HIPAA-Amenable Doctor informs the physician that the maximum value has been reached.

  5. The VIP Health Monitor RPM software is entirely safe and pliable. It also permits the Doctor to have access to a complete record of patient alarm history; the Remote Patient Monitoring system records additional care readings and clinical readings. Data is safe and backed up daily.

  6. Digital technologies are at the forefront of healthcare conveyance. VIP RPM Remote Health Monitoring is on the cutting edge of the way health care is conveyed. Through the Smart Health Band, this application and the HIPPA-Amenable Doctor Dashboard provide crisis mechanisms that enable uninterrupted ambulatory monitoring of crucial symptoms regularly. Most importantly, it caters to a more advanced way to manage healthcare.

  7. Its remote patient monitoring gadget ascertains emergencies more precisely and permits doctors to examine and manage patients in an advanced healthcare environment to enhance healthcare management. The remote Patient Monitoring system caters flexibility in allocating health data with remotely based doctors for consultation, which is time-saving and cost-friendly while decreasing readmission rates.


Merits of Remote Patient Monitoring Solution


  1. Upsurge decision-making capabilities with frequent physiologic investigations.

  2. Upgrade patient care with automatic out-of-range alarms for routine intervention.

  3. Decreased hospitalizations or visits to the emergency chamber.

  4. Patients accomplish a higher quality of wellbeing with acute controlled disease.

  5. Enhanced patient compliance with frequent patient conversations.

  6. Patients become more endowed in their well-being.

  7. Lessen the fear of exposure to COVID-19.

  8. Control itinerant COVID patients at home.

  9. Remote Patient Monitoring Software guarantees patient care and enhances the level of availability, and assists in establishing an ongoing relationship between patients, doctors, medicos, and their families.

  10. VIP Remote Patient Monitoring software gives a provider access to track healthcare information when released to home or decreases the readmission costs.

  11. The HIPAA-Amenable Physician Dashboard portal provides remote access to the patient’s data. The saved wellness data can make the physician aware to see through immediately. In this way, Remote Patient Monitoring Solution caters to accurate data and replies that provide a cost-friendly benefit.

  12. The app provides registration of patient gadgets, with aid for incorporation with over 355 remote monitoring tools.

  13. The app tracks various types of medical data, ranging from crucial signs to blood sugar levels to exercise particulars to sleep-related data.

  14. Conceptualization of clinical details from within the patient treatment schemes and the ability to foresee several calculations across user-defined periods to help physicians understand the patterns in the patient’s information.

  15. Organization of target limits (general, alarming, and emergency) for all particulars, together with the ability to inform patients and doctors through numerous communication mediums (messages, email, SMS) when patient details drop down outside of the Doctor’s clinically-specified range.

  16. Time orderliness and billing capacities to aid adherence to the CMS RPM assistance necessities.


An artificial intelligence aided cost-effective Remote Patient Monitoring Software to clarify patient monitoring. VIP Remote Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solution caters to more serious monitoring of the patients, shoots up vision into a patient’s treatment, and helps in emergency intervention before a pricey care scenario.


The Critical Element of Remote Patient Monitoring Software:-


The RPM comprises modern optical sensors to examine and share saved health data to a secure consolidated server. Apple or Android smartphones with Bluetooth facility and internet connection maintain wellness data synchronized.


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A few aspects to keep in mind while using a Remote Patient Monitoring System:-


  1. Do not panic if you see the RPM app not running despite signing up and signing in. have patience and contact the authorities instead of labeling the app poor.

  2. The app offers a complete implementation guide that caters to complete knowledge on the crucial steps and measures to be taken and schemes for the customers.

Older people suffering from severe and consistent health problems have serious healthcare necessities, requiring continuous in-person consultations. Most exercises become saturated with the visits, causing pressure across the healthcare structure.


Therefore they focus on providing a superior way to care always. Since it has been launched, it’s been the goal to cater to superior, patient-centric, practice-friendly facilities with kindness and accuracy. Commencing as one of the elementary virtual care beginners, they are now professionals in the industry.


Their safe and user-friendly Remote Patient Monitoring apparatus reduce hospital and ED visits, facilitates more satisfactory results, lessens healthcare expense, and enhances the complete quality of patient care.


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